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Organic Cleaning Companies : How To Clean Walls For Painting : Dry Clean Solution.

Organic Cleaning Companies

organic cleaning companies

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Argonne, Nalco partner on resin wafer technology

Argonne, Nalco partner on resin wafer technology

Argonne National Laboratory and Nalco Company, with headquarters in Naperville, Ill., have reached a licensing agreement for an electrodeionization technology that will help significantly reduce the cost of producing clean energy and of the chemicals and water used in industry. The separations technology can process biomass-based feedstocks into biofuels and chemicals.

Specifically, Argonne's patented technology allows for the deionizing or the continuous removal of charged products like organic acids from aqueous streams and eliminates the requirement to continuously add neutralizing agents. Conventional bioprocessing technologies require significant capital expenditures on energy-intensive steps to recover these products and generate large waste streams.

Photo courtesy of: Argonne National Laboratory

Sustainable Company Brochure

Sustainable Company Brochure

Sustainable Company Brochure design template by Aaron Shurts.Showcased on

Any company or business taking steps to become a more sustainable corporation can utilize this brochure to describe the process. This straightforward brochure has space for the company to describe 4 different modes of "going green" with both photos and text. The organized layout and clean colors reflect an image of a company moving towards a more sustainable future.

organic cleaning companies

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